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Building a UCSF500 genomic test dashboard


Project Description

UCSF has developed their own clinical-grade cancer panel test called the UCSF500. While many UCSF clinicians order the UCSF500, others default to commercial vendors. The problem with not performing these tests internally is that commercial vendors are unwilling to share the results of the genomics tests or they share very limited results. UCSF needs this data because we also have the clinical data on these patients and by analyzing genomic data in the context of important clinical variables we can make new insights into cancer biology and advance the field. A consistent piece of feedback we get from UCSF clinicians is there is no way for them to understand where their patient's order is in the pipeline. All communication is done through email. This puts use behind commercial vendors with more sophisticated user portals that track the progress of requisitions and also provide customer support in a focused channel. This project will be about building a dashboard to address these issues.


Not available


Required Skills
  • Python

Full stack engineer preferred

Acceptable Level of Education (eg. Undergrad, Grad Students, Post Docs, MD, PhD)

Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Postgraduates, Full-time workers who volunteer time


PI/Research group

Molecular Oncology Initiative


Michelle Turski, [email protected]